one of my mates at our hackerspace wanted to install TOR on his Uberspace account to access his services as hidden services. So here is how he he has done it. From now one I will assume you are already logged into your Uberspace.

Create build directory

As we have to compile some stuff and do not want to spoil our Ubespace all work will be done in a directory which will be removed once we are done.

mkdir torbuild
cd torbuild

Get libevent

Uberspace does not supply the libevent so we have to setup this as well.

git clone git://levent.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/levent/levent
#git is already installed on your uberspace so just clone the repo with it
cd levent
#this is needed as you got the lib from the repo
#it will create the configure and make files
./configure --prefix=$HOME
#make sure to set the prefix as you have no access to /usr
#but have to install it in your home directory
./make install

Congratulations, you now have the libevent on your uberspace


cd ~/torbuild
wget https://www.torproject.org/dist/tor-
tar xfv tor-
cd tor-
./configure --prefix=$HOME
./make install

You now should be able to run ./tor in your uberspace.

Setup TOR

A tor sample config is to be found at ~/etc/tor/torrc.sample

Get yourself a copy and edit it to your likings.

cd ~/etc/tor
cp torrc.sample torrc
nano torrc

Based on your setup you might need a open port.

Please ask the Uberspace guys at hallo@uberspace.de for it.

Please note:


The Uberspace guys do not allow it right now (understandable) and may take actions against it .

Also you should set a transfer limit, maybe even a bandwidth limit. I once forgot to set a bandwidth limit and my TOR Node sucked my 100Gb Traffic I have at my Uberspace up in approximately 5h (yes, the Uberspace guys have a freaking good connection)


As TOR should be installed, we do not need torbuild anymore.

So do a:

rm -r ~/torbuild

I got two errors due to read only files but you can ignore this.