as some of you may know I am currently at DESY in Hamburg as a summer student. I am staying at the DESY guest service and as information on stuff I have to bring and stuff which will be provided to me was a bit scare I am thinking it is a good idea to write a bit about it. I am writing it as if I am just now entering my room and finding about about stuff but I find it a bit more interesting like that and I can practice my written English a bit more. So bear with me!

##Where do I stay?

I am staying in Building 7a also known as Guest Side 8 or the wooden hostel so I will have a single room, bath and toilets on the floor. As I am not planning to spend a lot of time in my room (and hopefully more in the Lab ;) ) this looks like the ideal choice.

Question is, did I bring the right stuff with me?

##First Impression

This looks good, nice bright room, nice view with

  • a bed
  • a desk with drawer
  • a basic chair
  • a phone
  • a washbasin
  • wardrobe

Basically everything I need to work. Great :) What about electricity and Internet? Ah, only 4 power sockets, should have brought a friends making device with me and no Lan connection in sight. So, wlan? Ah, multiple wlans, one of them is eduroam. Also, there is a DESY Guest wlan which only asks for your name and an email address so they can contact you if something goes horrible wrong. As I am a eduroam user, I haven’t tried it but I assume it is here for a reason, right?

What else is in my room?

First thing I notice are three towels on my bed. I had read I had to bring my own so I have now around 8 but who could have enough towels? Also, the bed is already in duvet covers and I have read there is a cleaning service for those (There is!).

Whats with the wardrobe?

Wait, are these plates? Also a fork, knife and a spoon? Did not expect those but I am quite happy to see these here. I am pretty sure they will come in handy!

Also, the wardrobe has a lockable inner case. I would not trust it to resist a determined burglar but it still seems to offer reasonable protection.

#What else is there in this dorm?

There is a shared kitchen which also contains some cooking utensils like cooking pots. Could have left mine at home but I also know how clean the ones in a student dorm are, so hmmmm. I have to try those before I decide.

The kitchen also contains a fridge with lockable cases so you can put some stuff in there and expect it to be still there when you get back.

As I said before, shared toilets but split by sex. The men’s room also contains four showers, apparently there are two showers in the women’s room.

One more shared room with cleaning material like brooms etc. Great.

I guess this is it for now. Hopefully I could help you deciding what you want to bring to DESY if you get the chance!

##Some more closeups